Why I’m not blogging about my fall altar today

Why I’m not blogging about my fall altar today

I want to share with you where I’m at, and where I’m heading these days.

It’s a bit of a ‘coming out’ post, I suppose.

To be perfectly honest, even this morning I wasn’t sure how upfront I was going to be here.

I had been planning to write a post about my fall altar, and just kind of start slipping that type of thing into my blog, like maybe people wouldn’t quite notice.

Nope, not gonna fly today ;-)

It’s time for all of us – not just me – to step into being who we really are, no matter how ‘weird’ that might seem to others.

The Universe has nearly been hitting me over the head with messages about this – including in the card reading I just did this morning – so I figured I’d better take my own advice!

We all have our own personal flavour of feeling like we shouldn’t do this. For many, many people who are drawn to Pagan traditions, witchcraft, and other earth-based practices, there is a huge fear of persecution for their beliefs. This comes from past lives where it literally wasn’t safe to practice these beliefs. These soul-level fears run deep. If you’ve had past lives where you’ve been killed for your spiritual beliefs, obviously you’re going to be a bit hesitant to broadcast them today. I totally get that, and respect that.

That’s not actually what I’m here to talk about though.

Because I don’t relate to that.

That wasn’t my experience.

That type of experience has been talked about so much in spiritual groups that for a long time I felt like I must be blocking something out, or denying it. Even though I had a good amount of info about my own past lives, and that scenario really didn’t seem to fit for me, I sort of assumed that it was right in some way.

And then, I started to realize that that simply wasn’t my truth.

It just hadn’t been my experience.

My past lives have all been in settings where it was completely normal and safe to practice these traditions. Shamanism, earth-based spirituality, witchcraft, healing, divination… all of these were completely normal, expected, respected, and fully integrated into the community.

This is the first time I’ve lived in a “Western civilization” and really, I just felt like a fish out of water.

It’s not bad, just… weird.

I do miss it.

I do miss that connection and that sense of community.

I grew up in a home where spirituality was not practiced or mentioned. We did not belong to any religion, so it wasn’t that typical case of earth-based practices being squashed out by other, more ‘mainstream’ religions. It just wasn’t a thing.

So for me, it wasn’t that it felt “not safe” to practice spirituality, it was more a case of “no one is going to understand”. Like speaking a different language.

Of course now I can look back and it all makes sense – I understand now why I would have chosen that experience and what I wanted to learn from it.

Coming to this realization felt like a spiritual “graduation” of sorts – like figuring out part of a lesson, and moving on to the next part.

Even working in the field of spirituality and teaching about intuition, I have usually toned down my message in an effort to make it more “normal” or accessible.

Now, I am still all for keeping things real & practical – and I love to take spiritual concepts that can seem a bit abstract or “out there” and explain them in a way that makes the light bulb go on.

But, I need to move into a bit of a different space now.

I recently redesigned my site to give more of a sense of expansiveness – to let myself branch out into more topics – not just intuitive development and readings.  (On the theme of being perfectly honest and transparent, I was getting bored only talking about intuitive development. It was starting to feel restrictive, and I wanted more. My readings aren’t going away though!)

This has been a good move for me, but there’s still more.

I now feel clear on what that is, and the direction I’m going in at this point.

I need to be talking a lot more about my personal experiences with spirituality, and my own practices.

For me, that is witchcraft and other earth-based practices.

I don’t follow any particular tradition – I’m pretty eclectic – but it’s a blend of witchcraft and shamanism, and I also work very closely with the angels, especially Archangel Michael.

(OK, that combo might be point #2 why I have felt like I don’t fit in to any particular spiritual communities! Ha ha.)

I need and want to be in the space of spiritual practice, spiritual tools, ceremonies, rituals, offerings, faith, and magic.

I want to talk about these things. I want to share about these things. I want to bring this ancient knowledge and experience through, back into the light.

Ceremonies. Rituals. Offerings.

Those three little words came from an interaction the other day, and were like a lifeline, a bridge between what I remember and where I am now. That is the space I need to be in. I don’t totally know what that looks like yet ;-) but that is the best representation I have right now, and I know that I need to trust that.

To take the leap.

To share more about what all of this looks like for me, and how it can be brought into daily life.

To be that safe space for those of you who also feel this pull.

And so I will.

I want to create more spiritual tools – for others, not just for myself. I want to have an Etsy shop where I sell these offerings.

Creating things with feathers makes me inexplicably happy.

This is, for me, a soul calling that I’ve been ignoring for too long.

No more ignoring it.

The little intuitive voice whispers, “I want to teach witchcraft.”

Which of course my rational mind immediately dismisses, saying, “You don’t know enough! You don’t know what you’re doing! You can’t do that yet!”

And the intuitive voice says, “Yes, I do.”

And I will.

No holding back.

My plan with this post had been to share my fall altar, and maybe slip in a little bit about what’s been on my mind and in my heart these days. It turned into something much bigger.

I’ve decided to save the altar for the next post.

It is very important to me to share, but today, this message needed to come through on its own.

Thank you for reading. I hope this will serve as inspiration to you as well.


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