Wednesday Card Reading: Life Lesson Check-in

Wednesday Card Reading: Life Lesson Check-in

This week I’m using the Wisdom of the Trees Oracle, by Jane Struthers, to do a quick check-in about where we’re at in the exploration of our current life lessons. 

We all choose a primary life lesson to study and explore throughout our lifetime, and several secondary life lessons. Once the primary life lesson is complete (this usually takes at least 2-3 lifetimes), one of the secondary life lessons will take its place. Throughout our lives, we choose to experience a variety of situations that help us explore the lessons from different angles – both “positive” and “negative”. 

For example, in a life lesson of trust, we’ll choose to have experiences where we trust someone or something and then in hindsight perhaps wish we hadn’t! – and we’ll also have experiences where we choose not to trust someone, but later learn that we could have. There is no “right” or “wrong” – it’s all simply learning and growth. As we complete this particular life lesson, we find balance and discernment in listening to our inner guidance around trust. 

Some life lessons that often come up for clients who I read for include authenticity, faith, confidence, gratitude, patience, moderation, self-worth, and receiving. 

For this week’s reading, I’ve drawn 2 cards. My intention for the first card is to receive a quick message about where we’re at right now in our exploration of our life lessons, and the second card represents some guidance for us as to how we can best explore these lessons for our highest good. 

Here are this week’s cards:


Cards used: Wisdom of the Trees Oracle, by Jane Struthers

Card #1 (Where we’re at now): Sugar Maple – Versatility

The sugar maple is said to be about versatility, flexibility, uniqueness, and embracing change. The message I feel from this card is that we’re learning to be a bit more open-minded about our life lessons – perhaps the experiences we’re having right now aren’t what we thought we were going to do, and maybe we’re not where we thought we were going to be at this point. There might be a sense of being “behind” or feeling a bit stuck, perhaps even resisting change on some level. The message from this card is to remember that nothing is permanent, we are always changing and growing even when it doesn’t feel like it! Like the leaves of the sugar maple changing colour, the growth we experience isn’t always noticeable on a day-to-day basis, but when we look back over the past month, season, year, and so on, we can see how far we’ve come (and things will probably make more sense too ;-) ).

Card #2 (Guidance): Giant Redwood – Majesty

I love this card! What I notice right away about it is the sheer size of the tree compared to the deer – it reminds me of the vastness of the universe. We can get so caught up in trying to control and plan our lives down to the smallest detail that we forget that there is so much that we don’t (and probably aren’t meant to) understand from our current perspective. To me, this card feels like a reminder to tune in to the wisdom from your expanded self (higher self, inner being, etc) and also from your spirit guides, angels, the Universe/Source, and/or any other energies you personally like to work with… whatever fits your belief system and gives you a sense of connecting to a broader perspective. 

The second part of this message, which ties in really nicely with the first card, is to remember that everything is always unfolding for our highest good, and that we’re always exactly where we need to be on our journey. We don’t need to force our life lessons, or try to push them along faster. There’s nothing you need to do to explore them. It’s more of a naturally unfolding process. Let go of the need to control everything and to try to figure everything out all the time. Less freaking out, more trusting and confidence and letting ourselves be in the flow :-) 

You might have a different interpretation of these cards, and that’s totally fine of course! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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